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                Product Categories
                Product Categories

                Contact Us
                Contact Us

                Chuanghe Fastener Co., Ltd.

                • Address:Lizhou industrial Park,Shangshanqi, Zhushan District, Dongcheng Town, Dongguan City, China.
                • TEL:+0086-769-27382539
                • Fax:+0086-769-27382719
                • Mob:+0086-18607694667
                • Contact:David Dai
                • E-mail:info@dgchuanghe.com
                • Relevant search:bolt, screw, nut, rivet, washer, CNC turned parts Plastic Bakelite Handles


                cnc machining parts&cnc turned parts&cnc turning parts

                cnc machining parts&cnc turned parts&cnc turning parts

                • Product Brand:Chuang He
                • Product Type:ch-cnc part-01
                • Product Use:Automotive Spare Parts ,Equipments Parts for Aviation,Medical Devices Parts
                • Price:Quality and cheap
                • Peer wholesale:
                • Retailers:Dongguan Chuanghe Fastener Co.,Ltd

                Product Details
                Product Details

                   CNC machining parts, CNC turning parts

                   Our product range of applications:
                    *Automotive Spare Parts 
                    *Equipments Parts for Aviation
                    *Medical Devices Parts
                    *Precision Engineering Components
                    *Optical Instrument Components
                     In continuing our proven excellence, we are looking forward to establish long-term, mutual beneficial partnership with even more customers with our professional attitude, edge-leading craftsmanship and quality services. We are confident that Topwin would be your best choice if you are looking for precision metal machining manufacturer with class-leading quality and professional services.

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