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                Product Categories

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                Contact Us

                Chuanghe Fastener Co., Ltd.

                • Address:Lizhou industrial Park,Shangshanqi, Zhushan District, Dongcheng Town, Dongguan City, China.
                • TEL:+0086-769-27382539
                • Fax:+0086-769-27382719
                • Mob:+0086-18607694667
                • Contact:David Dai
                • E-mail:info@dgchuanghe.com
                • Relevant search:bolt, screw, nut, rivet, washer, CNC turned parts Plastic Bakelite Handles


                CNC motor parts&motors parts

                CNC motor parts&motors parts

                • Product Brand:Chuang He
                • Product Type:CH-motor parts-01
                • Product Use:The product can be used for various types of motor equipment
                • Price:Quality and cheap
                • Peer wholesale:
                • Retailers:Dongguan Chuanghe Fastener Co.,Ltd

                Product Details
                Product Details

                     Motor Parts,Mechanical parts using CNC lathes and milling machines ,CNC machining ,CNC machined parts to complete ,OEM Machined Part ,OEM Machining ,OEM Products ,Customize your mechanical parts

                     We have our own design  development team, As for the Motor parts of our products under our authorization ,allows customers to use our design or the mould.  also we can  according to your drawings production.

                     *Precision Mechanical parts
                     *The use of CNC lathe and milling machined parts
                     *CNC machining ,CNC machined parts to complete
                     *OEM Machined Part ,OEM Machining ,OEM Products 
                     *Customize your mechanical parts
                     *Customer design & small quantity accepted
                     *Satisfied quality, reliable delivery and reasonable price
                     *Frame, ET38/AV38, for 400W mini server motor coils
                     *Material:6061T6 Aluminum alloy
                     *Lathing and milling completed in unison
                     *Heat treatment & oxygen-hardened treatment
                     *Ra 0.24mm
                     *Concentricity: 0.01mm

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