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                Product Categories
                Product Categories

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                Contact Us

                Chuanghe Fastener Co., Ltd.

                • Address:Lizhou industrial Park,Shangshanqi, Zhushan District, Dongcheng Town, Dongguan City, China.
                • TEL:+0086-769-27382539
                • Fax:+0086-769-27382719
                • Mob:+0086-18607694667
                • Contact:David Dai
                • E-mail:info@dgchuanghe.com
                • Relevant search:bolt, screw, nut, rivet, washer, CNC turned parts Plastic Bakelite Handles


                cnc machined anodized aluminum parts

                cnc machined anodized aluminum parts

                • Product Brand:Chuang He
                • Product Type:cnc machined anodized aluminum parts-001
                • Product Use:Mainly used in machinery and equipment installation, auto parts assembly, fastening parts etc..
                • Price:USD 0.001~0.015 / pcs
                • Peer wholesale:USD 0.002~0.020 / pcs
                • Retailers:Dongguan Chuanghe Fastener Co.,Ltd

                Product Details
                Product Details

                • Product name:cnc machined anodized aluminum parts

                • Material grade:A
                • Product grade:A
                • Surface treatment:Galvanization
                • MOQ:30000pcs
                • Our cnc machined anodized aluminum parts have 10 year in this fastening field, basing on our knowledge, and our professional service, we chuanghe are authorized vendors for USA GOPRO, USA CAMIR, Koreal LG, German Volves,and Japan Panasonic.Our main products is cnc machined anodized aluminum parts, we can do it in steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastics and etc. Our cnc machined anodized aluminum parts can be in line with DIN, JIS, AISI, ISO standard. Our cnc machined anodized aluminum parts are with technical drawings to ensure its quality. Our cnc machined anodized aluminum parts are with large stock, we can offer free samples. Our cnc machined anodized aluminum parts are with first class service. We are here for your kind. 

                cnc machined anodized aluminum parts:

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