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                Company News
                Company News

                Thread standard parts and technical status of the current market interpretation

                Views: 63Date: 2013-09-11Typeface: Big Small
                Thread standard parts of development, beginning from the early twentieth century , foreign industrial countries thread processing technology has undergone a fundamental leap threaded processing quality has improved significantly . Summed up what are mainly reflected in the following aspects :

                1 , CNC machine tools and computer information management : In order to deal with small volume, variety and delivery time short market requirements, foreign companies began using CNC machine tools and computer processing of information technology management and other self-tapping screw threaded products. CNC machining can remember the same thread previously adjusted position, so adjust the machine 's time is greatly reduced.

                2 , machine adjustment techniques: As a result of thread and thread gauge indicates the individual elements of error separation technique ( differential measurement ) , the foreign machine can be adjusted to the correct size close to the theoretical machined thread . Thus, on the one hand so that the processing has greatly improved the quality of the thread ; hand, so that the machine and the cutting of the force reduced, thereby reducing wear , increasing the life of machine tools and cutting tools .

                3,100 % measurement techniques : the use of a laser camera technology can detect each screw , timely pick out substandard products.

                4 , the process technical parameters control technology: In order to monitor the high-speed operation of each thread processing , cutting support institutions abroad in the installed size of the force measuring sensors , each thread drawn out process of the force curve . In processing the correct size thread close to the theoretical force curve as a benchmark, the force required to allow the most significant changes . When the force outside the specified range, the device automatically shut down , waiting for a technician to analyze cause of the accident after the device re- adjusted. Monitor this force has specialized manufacturers , thread processing enterprises can not installed Monitor retrofit existing equipment . In order to early detection of abnormal cutting , some of the device is also equipped with high-frequency sound measuring instrument, thus avoiding the occurrence of cutting teeth collapse .

                Some foreign companies use SPC technology, process measurement thread size , stainless steel screw thread parameters monitoring process of change , and the thread processing error control in 60% of products within specified tolerances .