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                Product Categories

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                Contact Us

                Chuanghe Fastener Co., Ltd.

                • Address:Lizhou industrial Park,Shangshanqi, Zhushan District, Dongcheng Town, Dongguan City, China.
                • TEL:+0086-769-27382539
                • Fax:+0086-769-27382719
                • Mob:+0086-18607694667
                • Contact:David Dai
                • E-mail:info@dgchuanghe.com
                • Relevant search:bolt, screw, nut, rivet, washer, CNC turned parts Plastic Bakelite Handles


                The Company has no office in Xian, have a look at your companys products do?

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                Our products are not established in the country now, all homegrown through the network, so if you can offer in terms of price more benefits for customers, products, services can also be more direct service to customers. If you want to understand the detailed performance of our products, you can call :400 -60-12850, our experts will provide you with more fasteners detailed answers! Look forward to your call!